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What's More Important Than How You Feel?

Each episode explores health and wellness through interviews with physicians, researchers, authors, nutritionists, mental health experts, fitness professionals and others making the news.   From head to toe, nothing is off limits if it has to do with how you feel or your body works.

HealthCall's host Lee Kelso takes as much time as necessary to explain the latest treatments, breakthroughs, medications, medical studies, diets and new devices that can help listeners live better, longer.  

We're always interested in hearing from healthcare providers and innovators who challenge conventional thinking, or help listeners better understand options for treating illness, pain, chronic conditions, limitations and disease.  If you provide a unique treatment, conduct fascinating research or have credible health information to share, please contact us.

About the Host 

Lee Kelso is not a doctor, nurse or licensed healthcare professional, he's a self-admitted health nerd with a knack for making complex topics easy to understand.  He's produced award-winning documentaries, series and health content for television and online audiences.  Now, he devotes that experience and knowledge to HealthCall viewers.  

Broadcasting Background

Lee's broadcast career began in high school as a newscaster at his hometown radio station. He studied political science at Ball State University until a job offer drew him to a larger radio market.  He soon transitioned into TV news and eventually became managing editor and evening news anchor at a top-rated local CBS affiliate. 


In 1999, after 16 years in TV news, he recognized the Internet offered tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs with an eye to the future.  He became part-owner of a local Internet service and helped grow it into a regional provider that pioneered wireless, DSL and business services.  He then started a successful communications management company, but after several years felt a calling back into broadcasting and online media.   

Although he never returned to college or completed a degree, 4 decades later he's still studying and committed to learning more every day about health and wellness.  

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