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HealthCall Update 12.10.19

A study in the journal Cell Metabolism confirms that intermittent fasting, or time-restricted eating, is effective at reducing blood sugar, cholesterol and other conditions common to diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Dr. Ashok Kadambi of Fort Wayne Endocrinology recommends eating only between noon and 6 PM two or three days per week and suggests berberine for those not on diabetes medications interested in blood sugar control.


Links to research mentioned:

Study findings: https://bit.ly/2P2Y8ay
Berberine: https://www.healthline.com/…/berberine-…
Dr. Kadambi interview: https://youtu.be/DB1TRtiwSRI


HealthCall Update 12.3.19

A new study shows "brain fog" is linked to inflammation. In this update, we explore if this could be a pathway that leads to neurological damage, including Alzheimer's. Some researchers say foods contribute to inflammation so follow the links below to learn about foods that aggravate this condition, and a diet designed to minimize inflammation.


Links to research mentioned:




HealthCall Update 10.22.19

1) New research says sugar in colas and other liquid forms are a leading cause of weight gain. Studies in mice show they gain weight faster on sugar in a liquid solution.

2) Author Dr. Sandra Kaufmann's anti-aging protocol recommends these molecular agents to slow cellular aging:

Astaxanthin, Nicotinamide, Curcumin, Carnosine, Resveratrol or Pterostilbene. Learn more at www.kaufmannprotocol.com


HealthCall Update 10.15.2019

Statistics about depression and anxiety in seniors and millennials show it is a significant problem. We look at new studies which show just three weeks of eating the Mediterranean Diet can bring a significant drop in depression scores.


Links to research mentioned:

Millennial Depression

Anti-depression Diet

HealthCall Update 10.8.2019

Researchers say a common digestive tract fungus may be linked to pancreatic cancer and could be used for early detection. Also, why additional choline in our diet could help prevent Alzheimer's Disease.


Links to research mentioned:



HealthCall Update 9.24.19

Sept. is prostate cancer month and Dr. Mark Dabagia has good news about the most common form of cancer in men.   https://youtu.be/0OFptq81fCU


Plus, learn about a Yale University class on "The Science of Happiness" that you can take online - FREE.


The latest on a mystery illness affecting dogs in Norway. 40 have died so far. And, the reason why men with Type-2 Diabetes should be screened for low testosterone. A local doctor says 90% of men he treats for Type-2 have Low-T and there could be a link to fat inside your abdomen.


The deadly eastern equine encephalitis virus spread by mosquitos - is it a threat here? Not likely says an expert. Michigan and the east coast are at high risk. 

BioscentDX is offering a $10 discount to WOWO listeners on a cancer screening as part of a research project using specially trained dogs. Use the promo code "WOWO" at checkout: https://www.bioscentdx.com/…/single-bro…

Next public Stop-the-Bleed class is 10/13 at Parkview. Registration requested at 260-266-1289. Learn more here: www.bleedingcontrol.org

Reports that Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a tumor on the pancreas are easy to misunderstand. A local oncologist says it may actually be a different type of cancer, and explain the "definitive" treatment she has had. Plus, give you an easy way to identify early symptoms of pancreatic cancer. 

Download pancreatic cancer symptom PDF here: www.letswindpc.org/symptoms

A British doctor says a pig's kidney will be transplanted into humans within 3 years, and a heart will soon follow. HealthCall's Lee Kelso looks into the efforts by Chinese researchers to modify genes and clear the way for harvesting pig kidneys, livers and more for human transplants.  Plus, an update on Stop-the-Bleed training.   8.29.19

Additional details: 

Mass Shooting Community Study


Study Summary

Stop the Bleed Campaign


Lee Kelso is a veteran television news anchor, radio journalist and host of viewer-driven, health-focused TV and online broadcasts. 

Each week he brings you a series of interesting health news headlines and medical breakthroughs collected from professional journals and research projects around the world.  

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