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HealthCall is for curious minds who want to know more about aging well and feeling their best.  Each episode features interesting health news and insights from top doctors, researchers, authors, nutritionists, specialists and others with information that helps listeners make informed healthcare decisions.   

🦠 Unveiling Hidden Health Threats: Zoonotic Diseases and the US Food Supply 🦠

🦠 Unveiling Hidden Health Threats: Zoonotic Diseases and the US Food Supply 🦠

🦠 **Unveiling Hidden Health Threats: Zoonotic Diseases and the US Food Supply** 🦠 Join us for an eye-opening discussion as Lee Kelso delves into the intricate world of zoonotic diseases with Anne Linder, Associate Director of Policy and Research at the Brooks McCormick Animal Law and Policy Program at Harvard Law School. In this extended version of our Health Call Radio Hour broadcast, we explore the surprising reality that the US food supply, while generally safe, poses a unique health threat due to zoonotic diseases – illnesses that jump from animals to humans. Learn more:,health%20checks%20or%20disease%20testing. 🐾 **Key Highlights:** - Discover what zoonotic diseases are and why they matter to your health. - Explore the prevalence of animal markets, often referred to as wet markets, right here in the US. - Understand the risks associated with live animal food markets and their potential for disease transmission. - Learn about the role of poultry, especially avian influenza, in spreading zoonotic diseases. - Uncover the current avian influenza outbreak and its implications for human health. - Dive into the risks posed by animal interaction in various settings, from zoos to petting farms. - Gain insights into the less-regulated aspects of animal industries, such as fur farming and exotic pet trade. - Explore policy recommendations and strategies to mitigate zoonotic risks in our daily lives. 🌐 If you're concerned about your health and curious about how everyday choices can impact the spread of zoonotic diseases, this in-depth conversation is a must-watch. Whether you're an animal lover, a health enthusiast, or simply someone interested in understanding the hidden threats in our food supply, this video provides invaluable insights. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe for more enlightening content on health, science, and the world around us!
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