Physical therapist Nathan Notter from Steppin' Up Physical Therapy explains Plantar Fasciitis. What causes this condition that results in sharp, sudden pain in the heel and bottom of your foot?  Nathan explains some stretches you can do at home, and how a frozen water bottle can bring relief.  For serious cases, the cure can be a form of deep tissue massage. 

What can you do about recurring pain in your neck and jaw?  Nathan Miller from Steppin' Up Physical Therapy explains what could be causing that pain, the role poor posture plays in your pain profile, and demonstrates some simple exercises to try at home.

Broadcast 9.14.19

Jason Hazelett from Steppin' Up Physical Therapy explains how rotator cuff muscle strains and tears cause pain and limit motion, and when physical therapy is a better solution than surgical repair.   Broadcast 7.20.2019