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Using cells from your own body is at the center of a new approach to pain relief practiced by Tomas Lazoff, MD, at Physical Medicine Consultants. They extract bone marrow and process your body's own cells, then inject them into a joint or point of tissue damage. These cells adapt themselves to repair the injured tissues, often avoiding or delaying the need for surgery or joint replacement. This interview also explores platelet-rich plasma therapy to accelerate repair of damaged joints, tendons and muscle.


Broadcast 12.7.19.

Physical therapy involves much more than exercise. Dave Kuhn, co-owner of Indiana Physical Therapy, explains how hands-on joint mobilization helps you regain motion and moves you forward toward relief from pain and stiffness. Kuhn's team of Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapists is the world's largest concentration operating within a single practice. In this appearance on the HeathCall LIVE Radio Hour, Kuhn offers simple DIY techniques to minimize back and neck pain, plus advice on how to avoid being stiff and sore through your 70's and 80's.

Broadcast 12.7.19

Varicose veins are not just unsightly, they're a painful condition that hits both men and women. Dr. Marcus Jimenez of Indiana Vein and Laser tells us what causes them, who is most at risk, and advanced treatment now available. Using injections, ultrasound-guided lasers and other techniques, Dr. Jimenez says patients find relief without heavy scaring, anaesthesia or hospitalization.


Learn more at https://indianavein.com.

Broadcast 11/39/19.

Metabolic Syndrome is the name for a collection of symptoms that put you at risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and worse. Endocrinologist Ashok Kadambi, MD, says Metabolic Syndrome patients report they just feel "lousy." He explains the connection to insulin resistance, how intermittent fasting can help, and suggests a plant-based alternative to Metformin called berberine. Find Dr. Kadambi at https://www.fwendo.com    Broadcast 11/30/19.

Ageing baby boomers will face a tremendous challenge coping with Alzheimer's disease in the next 20 years.  Melanie Perry guides care programs for 65 American Senior Communities memory care centers in Indiana.  She told WOWO's HealthCALL about tips and strategies families can use to minimize the stress and conflict associated with the disease.  Learn how saying "So what?" can make a difference, how a memory box can help ease conflict, and how to choose a long-term memory care center.  Broadcast 11.16.19    

"Natural" foods could be fooling you.  HealthCall LIVE talks about food labelling and how to make wise choices with Sarah Claycomb, manager and co-owner of the Health Food Shoppe.  She explains what ingredients are not allowed on the shelves, how they support local the "hyper-local" food producers, and what makes the supplements skincare products they offer different.  Broadcast 11.16.19

Sleep apnea is a significant health risk for many reasons. Dr. Nathan Bojrab tells HealthCall LIVE about an alternative to the CPAP offered by Legacy Dental of Fort Wayne. Learn how a home sleep test confirms you experience sleep apnea and the process of fitting an oral appliance that repositions your lower jaw to keep your airway open during sleep. Broadcast 11.9.2019

More than 80 different health conditions are linked to immune system disorders. Pharmacist and clinical nutritionist Gregg Russel from Fort Wayne Custom RX takes a look at how type-2 diabetes, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue can all be associated with stress and immune system problems.   Broadcast 10.26.19

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HealthCall's Lee Kelso interviews Francis Esguerra, MD, in practice with Women's Health Advantage. Dr. Esguerra provides OB/GYN care and specializes in minimally invasive pelvic surgery. Learn about the latest trends in childbirth, managing fibroid tumors, managing menopause and other topics.  Broadcast 10.26.19

Nearly half of all women will experience incontinence at some point in their lives. Steppin' Up Physical Therapy can help. Therapists Ashley Rager and Tayler Schortgen explain how they can help women overcome incontinence and pelvic pain.  Broadcast 10.19.19

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Dr. Sandra Kaufmann explains our bodies age due to changes at the cellular level, and how you can slow that process. Her protocol details readily available supplements that enhance energy level, control chronic inflammation, encourage DNA health and other factors. Learn why she considers Metformin a wonder drug that should be widely used by non-diabetics.   www.kaufmannprotocol.com

Broadcast 10.19.19

The author of a new book called The Genomic Kitchen explains how bioactive compounds in food interact with our genes to influence our health. Amanda Archibald shares what makes foods like broccoli so powerful and how you can optimize its benefits.  You'll find out what foods work at a genetic level to extinguish inflammation and much more.

There is good news about the cancer most likely to strike a man in your family - prostate cancer.  Dr. Mark Dabagia, urologist, specializes in robotic prostate cancer surgery with Northeast Indiana Urology.  He tells HealthCall LIVE about progress in cancer treatment,  how genetic testing of tumor biopsies can guide treatment, and how modern surgery means many men can retain sexual function after cancer treatment.

Cervicogenic headaches can be caused by poor posture and strain on the upper neck. Indiana Physical Therapy's Mary Hostetter explains what causes the headaches and offers simple exercises you can do to relieve the pain.   Broadcast 9.7.2019

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Testosterone levels affect far more than your sex drive and muscle mass. Dr. Ashok Kadambi, MD, tells HealthCall Live listeners the symptoms of Low-T, why women may need small doses of testosterone and explodes common misbeliefs. Broadcast 9.7.2019  www.fwendo.com

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Severe back and neck pain may require interventional techniques such as injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation or pain pumps. HealthCall LIVE covers all of these and more with Dr. Thomas Lazoff from Physical Medicine Consultants. Broadcast 8.17.19

Understanding low back pain was the focus of HealthCall LIVE! with Robert Harrison of Steppin' Up Physical Therapy. Learn how to tell the difference between nerve-related pain and pain caused by muscle injury. Robert explains why pain in your back may be caused by weak muscles in your abdomen, hip and legs. Plus, he offers safe, simple exercises you can try at home.  Broadcast 8.17.2019

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